Dijous Bo, well attended as always. | Dijous Bo 2021 (@dijousbo)

President Armengol visited Inca's Dijous Bo fair on Thursday and took the occasion to encourage the public to buy local products. Fairs such as Dijous Bo, she said, "help to reactivate our economy".

Noting that this year's fair was "transitional" in terms of the pandemic, she called on members of the public to maintain preventive measures, especially the wearing of masks. She also encouraged those who have not yet been vaccinated to get their jabs, pointing out that the 'Vacubús' is stationed in Inca for the days of the fair.

The president thanked all those who had made the fair possible, adding that - as someone from Inca - she knows that Dijous Bo "means much more than just a fair". She made a tour of the exhibitors and attended the awards ceremony for the annual Mallorcan black pig contest.

Inca's mayor, Virgilio Moreno, observed that Dijous Bo is Inca's "great day", and he welcomed the return to "a certain normality". "We have a great deal to show of our gastronomy, our trade, our industry, our culture and our heritage."