Queen Elizabeth warship anchors in Palma on November 25, 2021. | Youtube: Majorca Daily Bulletin TV


The flagship of the Royal Navy HMS Queen Elizabeth braved a hail and rain storm this morning to enter the port of Palma on her first visit.

HMS Queen Elizabeth in Palma

The welcome will be warm but the weather decidedly cold.

The 65,000 ton warship is anchored in the bay of Palma where it will remain for today. Tomorrow it will moor up in the port of Palma once the two giant cruise ships now moored in Palma have left.

The ship will not be open to the public but her 2,500 crew are looking forward to some rest and relaxation in Palma.

The Queen Elizabeth is equipped with two squadrons of F35 stealth jets, one is a joint Royal Air Force/Fleet Air Arm unit of 617 squadron “the Dambusters”, one of the most famous units in RAF history and the other is a U.S. Marine Corps squadron.

Apart from that she has a number of Merlin helicopters on board. Parts of the vessels were built across Britain and assembled in Rosyth in Scotland. Not only is the largest Royal Navy vessel ever she is also one of the biggest ships to be built in Britain