Scrap at Alcudia port.


Local pressure group Salvem el Moll is denouncing what it says is the loading, unloading and storage of scrap outside the space authorised for this at the port in Alcudia. A written complaint is to be sent to the Balearic Ports Authority so that "the corresponding inspection can be carried out" and appropriate sanction imposed. In addition, the group is wanting action to be taken against those responsible for any possible environmental damage.

On Friday, Salvem el Moll highlighted the accumulation of scrap a few metres from the sea and outside the designated storage area. The fierce wind on Friday, the group noted, was blowing "plastic material" into the sea.

This is not the first time that Salvem el Moll has denounced "irregular" activities in the port area. In November 2016, it drew attention to the lack of relevant authorisation for the loading and unloading of coal. By way of response, the Balearic government started the authorisation procedure. As it is, coal is now not being unloaded. It was for the Es Murterar power station, where production has been scaled right back in anticipation of coal-fired operations ceasing entirely by 2026 at the latest.