Mallorca has a high reliance on products imported from the mainland. | Archive

The ADED distributors association in the Balearics is highlighting the increase in price of meat and dairy products being shipped from the mainland to the islands. It is up by as much as 50%, attributable to a shortage caused by the closure of farms during the pandemic.

The association's president, Bartomeu Servera, says that there is a shortage in Europe in general and that the rise in prices has been particularly notable in recent months. He gives the example of butter having gone up from 3.90 euros to 6.60 euros.

A further factor pushing prices up is the cost of freight. Rates have risen and are making food, drink and cleaning products more expensive. On top of this is the general rate of inflation, brought about in part by higher energy prices. All of this points to lower consumer purchasing power and a negative impact on the economy.

As to tourism, Servera says that there is a progressive opening of hotels. This indicates that expectations for the season are "good". However, "we will have to see how things develop with the pandemic and geopolitical conflict".

Bars and shops in tourist resorts are also starting to open, he notes, and more will as Easter comes closer.