Traffic light radar in Son Oliva, Palma. | Pilar Pellicer


Drivers beware, there’s a new radar in Palma that can detect motorists skipping red lights and automatically issue a fine.

It’s the second red light radar in the city. The first one was installed at the crossroads of Calle Manacor, Manuel Azaña and Adrià Ferrà before the Covid pandemic began and the new one is on the corner of Tomàs Villanueva y Cortès and Isaac Albéniz, in the Son Oliva neighbourhood.

The Department of Sustainable Mobility says the new radars are designed to reduce the high accident rate. In 2019 and 2020, drivers running red lights caused four accidents, which caused injury.

“When you skip a red light, the device records a video of it,” explains Mobilitat General Manager, Irene Nombela. “It's a kind of photo finish that shows when the vehicle passes the intersection.”

Local police will requesting that radars be installed at places where a large number of incidents are reported, but no more are planned in the immediate future.

“This is a way to make drivers aware that they need to respect traffic lights,” says Nombela, who also expects the device to reduce speeding.


Anyone caught skipping a red light will be fined 200 euros, but the penalty will be reduced to 50 euros if the fine is paid swiftly.

But non-payment will result in the fine being tripled to 600 euros and drivers who disagree with the fine can also ask to view the video.