Francesc Marí, director of Son Llàtzer Hospital. | Teresa Ayuga

Traumatologists at Son Llàtzer Hospital in Palma say that, until there is a change in management at the hospital, they will not work overtime. They have responded to the dismissal of the head of the traumatology service, Dr. José María Rapariz, by stressing that "we cannot consent to the public lynching to which Dr. Rapariz has been subjected in recent days".

The hospital's director, Francesc Marí, has sent emails to all doctors at the hospital expressing his deep discomfort at media reports suggesting that Dr. Rapariz's dismissal was related to alleged "irregularities". He has told the media that there was a loss of confidence in Dr. Rapariz because of the long waiting list for appointments.

The traumatologists believe, however, that "irreparable damage" has been caused to Dr. Rapariz's honour and they point to the management and medical directorate as having been mainly responsible for a situation that goes beyond the dismissal of the head of the service in difficult circumstances.

They point to care overload, waiting lists at all-time highs, operating theatres having been closed for a year and a half and a shortage of professionals, which "leaves the service in a condition in which it will barely be able to guarantee the quality of care that we have always shown". They add that they will try to guarantee the continuity of the service as they have done so far, but emphasise that they will not work "extraordinary afternoon shifts until we have a management team we can trust".