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Two men will shortly go on trial for having allegedly defrauded three immigrants by renting out a substandard dwelling in Manacor to them.

In May 2019, a Moroccan man - one of the two - contacted three other Moroccans. They were seeking a property to rent in order to request a cohabitation report and so obtain the right of family reunification, i.e. enabling relatives to have residence.

He told them that he had a property available that was in "perfect condition" and supposedly had three floors. The three signed two leases with the other man, a Spanish national, on May 31, 2019. They did this without having seen the property and each paid 2,100 euros.

The Prosecutor's Office states that the property didn't meet the necessary conditions to be inhabited. It had no electricity or running water. There was also no furniture. It was uninhabitable. A favourable report of cohabitation was not obtained. Meanwhile, the two men kept the 6,300 euros.

The prosecutor is calling for sentences of two years and for the repayment of the money.

to trial for allegedly defrauding three immigrants with the rent of a substandard dwelling in Manacor. The Prosecutor's Office calls for sentences of two years in prison and that they compensate the injured with 2,100 euros each. The events date back to the end of May 2019. One of the accused, 45 years old and of Moroccan origin, contacted the victims, all of the same nationality as the previous one, because they wanted to rent a house to request a coexistence report and so obtain family reunification.