Germans worried about losing out to the Americans. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Top-selling German daily Bild today ran a story claiming that the Germans are worried about the losing their sun beds to the increasing number of tourists coming to Mallorca from the United States.
Under the headline “Are the Yanks stealing our sun beds on Mallorca?”

The newspaper reported : “In the USA, Germany’s favourite island, Majorca, has been declared a trendy travel destination.

“Not Miami (Florida), not Cancun (Mexico), not Honolulu (Hawaii). Any self-respecting American this summer is flying to Mallorca!

"Yes, you read that right! The Yanks are conquering Mallorca! After decades of persistently, almost stubbornly ignoring Germany’s favourite island, the Americans have now discovered their enthusiasm for the beautiful Balearic island.”
What a shame.