Image of the planned tram service.

The project for the Palma tram from the centre of the city to the airport is now in doubt because of the change of government and the change at Palma town hall. Jaime Martínez of the Partido Popular is due to be sworn in as the new mayor, and he has expressed his disagreement with the project.

The outgoing government and the outgoing mayor, José Hila, have presented the tram as a solution to Palma's mobility problems. Martínez has said that he is not against there being a tram service but has argued that it should not be in the way that the project has been designed "and not now".

In his view, the project was always one with an eye on the elections and lacked the necessary studies and reports to guarantee its viability. He would prefer investment to be in buses and an electrification of the entire fleet. The Spanish government recently approved an initial spend of 185 million euros for the tram. Martínez and the PP will be demanding that the promised investment is made but in improving the bus service instead.