The only safe rate is 0.0%. | Archive


On December 11, the traffic directorate (DGT) started a week-long, nationwide pre-Christmas campaign of intensive controls against driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The DGT says: "In the days before Christmas, when a large number of gatherings are held with family and friends and at which alcohol is usually present, it is important to remember that the only safe rate is 0.0%."

Alcohol consumption is the second most frequent cause of road accidents in Spain. According to the National Road Safety Observatory, more than half of the drivers who died in 2022 were positive for alcohol and/or drugs.

DGT figures for Mallorca in 2022 show that 360 drivers lost points on their licences for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Of these 360 drivers, 73 were in Alcudia, which had the highest number of sanctions, followed by Santa Margalida with 59 and Manacor with 49. In Palma there were only 26. The number of sanctions is said to be less an indicator of the scale of drink (drugged) driving but more of the intensity of police controls.

Under current regulations, driving with between 0.25 mg/l and 0.59 mg/l of alcohol in the blood entails a fine of 500 euros and the loss of four points. Exceeding 0.59 mg/l increases the fine to 1,000 euros and the loss of points to six; these penalties also apply to driving under the influence of drugs.