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Knowing how to rest in order to achieve a better quality of life is a primary objective for Bed's shops. Pay attention to the following recommendations from its rest specialists:
-Dedicating enough time to quality sleep is an essential part of any person's life. The latest studies support this and recommend good sleep equipment for this purpose.

-An adult person needs between seven and eight hours of sleep in order to get the recommended amount of rest and for these hours of rest to translate into health for a healthy life.

-If you do not get enough quality sleep each day, your body will probably begin to experience a series of changes and alterations that are harmful to your health, such as disorders of the nervous, immune and endocrine systems, which could lead to more serious and even degenerative complications.
-Awareness should be raised about the importance of sleep for physical and mental health, as well as the side effects that can cause serious health consequences, such as: diabetes, high blood pressure and inflammation, among others, which could lead to cardiovascular disease, mood swings, obesity, weakened immune system, anxiety and depression.

For sleep to be truly restful, it is important that it is deep and uninterrupted. Therefore, the sleep equipment must be suitable for each person and their needs. In Bed's shops you will get advice and they will create it to your needs. Moreover, thanks to its design and elegance, it will also be a decorative element to create a space of relaxation and comfort in your home for the hours of rest.

Backed by 35 years of experience in the art of rest, to market its products in the Balearic Islands, Bed's shops also offers its customers world leading brands such as Pikolin, Bultex, Lattoflex, Pardo, Dunlopillo, Dorwell, Tempur, Treca and Sealy. Each one of them has been selected for being specialists in the best variety of products for a perfect sleep.

Tiendas Bed's offers you a 30-day trial to ensure your choice and the delivery, collection, assembly, recycling and financing of your sleep products. They also have a permanent stock of more than 1,000 mattresses. All this guaranteeing the best price on all their articles in Palma, Inca, Manacor and in Menorca, Mahon and Ciutadella.