Caló des Màrmols in Santanyi. | Archive

As the met agency had forecast, the weather is remaining settled over the weekend, with a similar pattern continuing this week.

Highs in certain inland parts expected to reach 32C on Sunday. In Capdepera, the forecast is 25C for today's Mediaeval Market. For the whole of the island, there may be some high cloud at times; otherwise, plenty of sun.

Elsewhere - Alcudia 28C, light northeast breeze veering south and moderate in the afternoon; Andratx 26C, gentle southeasterly; Deya 28C, light to gentle southerly; Palma 28C, light to gentle southerly; Pollensa 31C, light to moderate variable; Sant Llorenç 28C, light to gentle southeasterly; Santanyi 27C, moderate southeasterly.

Saturday's high was 31.3C at 2.20pm in Binissalem.