The torrent in Soller in November. | @lluismestres18

The Aemet met agency reports that there was 300% more rainfall than normal in the Balearics in November. The weather station at the airport in Mahon recorded the most rain - 259 litres per square metre, the most since current records started in 1969. At the port weather station in Palma, there were 252 litres, also a record.

Aemet points to November also having been cold. Nationally, it was the tenth coldest since 1961 and the fourth coldest this century. The average temperature was 8.2C, which was 1.2 degrees lower than usual.

The Canaries didn't escape the colder weather. At the airport in Lanzarote on November 26, the temperature of 17.5C was the lowest maximum temperature for the month since records began in 1972.

The Balearics had the greatest above-normal rainfall. In eastern areas of the mainland as well as in La Rioja and Navarre, there was rainfall of 200% more than usual. But other parts of the country, e.g. Extremadura, were very dry.