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The outrageous Samantha Hudson

Saturday, 9.30pm, Plaça Major, Palma.

Samantha Hudson is, to say the least, an unconventional performer. The stage name of Iván González Ranedo, Samantha is originally from León but grew up in Mallorca. She has said that she “could include” herself in a non-binarism spectrum but has defined herself as a “transformer” and “a transvestite on duty 24 hours a day”. The name Samantha Hudson was dreamt up as being a mother in the suburbs in America who picks up her kids in a seven-seater vehicle.

Controversy has surrounded her ever since 2015. At the age of 16, a video entitled Maricón (Queer) led to her excommunication by the Bishop of Mallorca.

Musically, she falls into an urban-club category, but she is almost impossible to categorise or to predict. She was due to have been one of the acts at the Sant Sebastià fiestas in January. Concerts were postponed because of Covid and are now being held. Outrageous and not to be missed.

Loving you in Palmanova

Saturday, 10pm, Sala Palmanova, C. Diego Salvà Lezaún 2, Palmanova.

La La Love You are a punk-pop group from Parla in Madrid. David Merino, Roberto Castrillo and Rafael Torres were at school together. They had ambitions of being rock stars and when bass player Celia Becks joined them, they changed their name from Malpighi to La La Love You and released their first album in 2008.

Their breakthrough was to take several years, and it came about in a seemingly unusual way. Amaia Romero won the 2017 Operación Triunfo (like X Factor) and represented Spain at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. She told an influential TV programme that she was listening to the group, and suddenly they became massive on Spotify. The second album was finally released in 2020. They won an MTV award, with the album going platinum.

Queen spectacular

Sunday, 7pm, Palma Auditorium (Sala Magna), Paseo Marítimo 18, Palma.

It is said of Symphonic Rhapsody of Queen that the show has been seen by over one million people. Some 120 minutes of “intense spectacular” are promised by what certainly isn’t a Queen tribute act - it is a show, and one that features artists from different countries.

There is, for example, Thomas Vikström, a Swedish vocalist who has worked with hard rock bands since the late 1980s. Diego Valdez is an Argentine heavy metal singer. Inés Vera-Ortiz is from Alicante and has been with the show since 2019.

Queen songs galore and with a whole new and powerful stage design and light show.

St. Patrick’s Day in Santa Ponsa

Sunday, 10am to 7pm, Gran Via Puig de Galatzó, Santa Ponsa.

Saint Patrick’s Day would probably pass relatively unnoticed in Mallorca if it weren’t for the Irish connection. Patrick doesn’t merit any fiesta event on the island other than for being Ireland’s primary patron saint. And given Santa Ponsa’s connections with Ireland, this is where celebrations take place. Officially so as well; Calvia town hall is right behind St. Patrick.

The festivities are on Sunday rather than on Thursday. There’s a market and there’s a stage. Acts will include the Raggle Taggle Gypsies and Zumba Irish dancing girls. There will also be food and there will be drink. The Guinness is likely to be flowing.