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The Balearic minister for tourism, Biel Barcelo, is behind the tax.

Tourist tax

Tourist tax draft to be approved Friday

There is to now be a 50% reduction from the tenth day of a stay.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Research finds 400 sperm whales off the Balearics


Research finds 400 sperm whales off the Balearics

This association has photographed and identified 86 examples of sperm whale over the past thirteen years, leading it to estimate that the community is around 400.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Last year was a hot one and this year could be just as hot.


2015 was the joint warmest year on record in Spain

In 2015, Spain experienced a year that was as warm as 2011, these being the joint warmest since current records started in 1989.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Passengers at Palma's Son Sant Joan airport.


Air Berlin hub closure will mean 600,000 fewer passengers

The airports authority Aena calculates that the 600,000 passengers who had been passing through the Air Berlin hub represent 1.2% of total passenger numbers at Son Sant Joan.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Will jobs be enough?

Spain saw a record fall in the number of  unemployed but will that swing it for the PP?

Humphrey Carter

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Letters to the Editor

In England EU residents cannot vote for the national government as only citizens of the country can do so.

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