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Mariano Rajoy's PP gained seats at Sunday's election.


Rajoy seeks swift government deal, doubts linger

Spain's caretaker prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, said yesterday he would reach out to rivals in a bid to quickly form a government after his conservative party strengthened its lead in elections on Sunday, though still far short of a majority.

Pedro Sanchez of PSOE. His party saw its number of seats in Congress fall.


Spain has no easy options in search for a new government

The Partido Popular  came first in a general election, but acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy fell short of a majority for the second time in six months.

The Balearic government to consider impact of Brexit.


Balearic summit called to analyse the effects of the Brexit

The Balearic government has called an urgent meeting of the Tourism Advisory Board this week to discuss and analyse the possible consequences that Britain leaving the European Union will have on the tourist industry, the local economy and jobs.

Humphrey Carter

The tourism minister Biel Barceló.

Tourist tax

Study reveals tourist tax will hit spending

A study commissioned by the Balearic government to assess any negative impact of the new tourist tax, which comes into effect on 1 July, has concluded that the levy will lead to a 0.8 per cent fall in spending by holidaymakers.

Humphrey Carter

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"It is a question of thank you and good night from the European Union ..."

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Letters to the Editor

More on Brexit. And also US gun laws.

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