Jason Moore
Jason Moore


Managing Editor

Jason Moore joined the Bulletin straight from school as a junior reporter after being educated at international schools on the island in 1988. As a news reporter he worked closely with our Spanish stablemate Última Hora and was sent on numerous foreign assignments including Boston and London. He became Deputy Editor in 1996 and Editor in 1997. In 2018 he was appointed Managing editor with the additional responsibility of sales and advertising. In 2022 he oversaw the transformation of the Bulletin into an online publication and the launch of the new Mallorca Bulletin. Born in Cambridge in 1970, he moved to Mallorca aged 5 and was educated at Bellver International College and Kings College. In 2012 he received a special award from the Calvia Council on the Bulletin’s 50th anniversary. He has written articles for most of the leading UK newspapers and has often worked as a pundit on British and Spanish television and radio programmes.


I’m all right Jack in Spain!

“A government formed by a party which didn´t even win the election propped up by Spain’s most wanted man....”

Jason Moore 24/11/2023 10:34


Tourist views welcome

“I think it is a refreshing change that the views of tourists are wanted and repected...”

Jason Moore 17/11/2023 09:25


The Brits are coming to Mallorca

“Another record season could lead to an even better record season next year....”

Jason Moore 10/11/2023 09:46

London Fair

For Calvia and Saint George, the talking point in London

Palmanova and Magalluf will be celebrating Saint George’s day next April with everyone agreeing that it is a great idea.

Jason Moore 08/11/2023 11:50

London Fair

Is Mallorca too hot to handle in July and August?

Local hoteliers at the World Travel Market fair in London have reported a surge in bookings for September and October in Britain when the weather is obviously cooler.

Jason Moore 08/11/2023 11:21

London Fair

The Council of Mallorca presents ‘Commitment to Responsible Tourism in Mallorca’ at the WTM in London

“The Commitment will help Mallorca to keep its reputation as one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean intact.”

Jason Moore 07/11/2023 15:04

London Fair

A tourist is a friend in Mallorca

A year is a long time in politics and this year there is a new message, come to Mallorca, you are more than welcome.

Jason Moore 07/11/2023 10:18

London Fair

The British love affair with the Balearics shows no sign of going away

The Balearic government wants more tourists to come to the islands during the winter season and the UK travel industry likes the idea.

Jason Moore 06/11/2023 12:41

London Fair

London calling for Mallorca, new tourism plan and the Bulletin arrives

"Island-wide law which governs bad behaviour will be introduced..."

Jason Moore 06/11/2023 06:41

London Fair

"Mallorca is quite simply the perfect holiday destination"

"As the UK’s leading airline and tour operator to Mallorca and to the Balearics, we have millions of seats on sale and we are looking ahead with real excitement to the future."

Jason Moore 06/11/2023 00:01


A pact too far in Spain?

“Parties who support a breakaway from Spain and the end of the monarchy will be propping up the Spanish government”

Jason Moore 02/11/2023 15:20


Keep the beaches open in Mallorca

“A photograph of a tourist on a sunbed in November or March is worth more than any costly promotion campaign.”

Jason Moore 26/10/2023 15:41


Scrap this silly curb at Palma's port

“We don´t limit planes or cars so why limit cruise ships when they are badly needed?”

Jason Moore 19/10/2023 15:24