News of the day 30 January 2017
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A great number of hire cars in Majorca are registered elsewhere for road tax.


Government still doesn't know how many hire cars there are

"If they were obliged to pay road tax, which at the moment they do not, then there wouldn't be the problem that we have."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

There has been ample warning that January's electricity bills will be higher.


January electricity bills will be up by a quarter

The bill for a consumer on a contract for 4.4kW will go up from 51.97 euros last year to 65.59 euros.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Flooding which occurred in the Pla de Sant Jordi.


Farmers accuse government of "having a laugh" over flood aid

The national government has "blatantly and manifestly" mocked Balearic farmers through its decree of emergency measures for damage.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Francina Armengol speaking ahead of the new parliamentary season in the Balearics.


Armengol calls for responsibility as parliament reconvenes

The president was also predicting that there will be "intense debate" over holiday rentals' legislation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Travel ban

Trump has gone too far but Europe hasn’t gone far enough.

Jason Moore

Sport / Real Mallorca
Real Mallorca v. Cadiz on Sunday evening.

Real Mallorca

Best game of the season ends 0-0

Real Mallorca held on to their four-game unbeaten run when they drew 0-0 against third-top Cadiz on Sunday night.

Monro Bryce

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