News of the day 3 November 2018
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Government "pact" faces losing its majority

The government parties, according to the poll, will be two seats short of a majority at the May election.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


October rainfall records smashed

Rainfall in October was up to three and four times heavier than usual.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Town halls want tourist tax funds for flood repairs

The town halls federation doesn't want small town halls to be deprived of public works funds.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


More extreme weather because of climate change

Conclusions about higher temperatures can be drawn, but these are less easy when it comes to intense rainfall.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Pedro Serra: the man who made his dreams come true

Pedro Serra - the story of how the Bulletin came about and the transformation of Ultima Hora.

Andrew Valente

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Palma's rhapsody

It has been a while since we have had such a choice of great films to watch in English.

Humphrey Carter

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