Although summer is a time for travel and trips, many of those who live in Mallorca work during the summer season, and only have the weekend, or a few days off, to rest. Faced with the lack of time, many choose to seek out unique experiences on the island itself, which compensate for the short duration of these mini-holidays in Mallorca, with the high quality of the getaway.

According to Susanne Turowski, director of the 5-star Zoëtry Mallorca, managed by Inclusive Collection, part of Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, "spending summer holidays in hotels in Mallorca was a trend that started strongly during the pandemic and has continued over time. In most cases, the establishments chosen are what we know in the sector as destination hotels, where clients enjoy unforgettable and unique experiences, without having to leave them at all".

A statement that is confirmed one minute later, as we watch a couple, residents of Mallorca, walk past one of Zoëtry Mallorca's outdoor pools on their way to their room.

Unique experiences to enjoy in summer (and autumn)

Zoëtry Mallorca's location in the heart of the Mallorcan countryside makes it a 5-star hotel with a difference. People who visit us," explains Susanne Turowski, "are not looking for a sun and beach hotel, of which there are plenty in Mallorca. They want to relax, but in a different and exclusive way. For them, relaxation means enjoying doing things they never have time for, such as sharing romantic walks with their partner, practising all kinds of sports with or without their children, undergoing luxury beauty treatments, savouring disruptive gastronomic proposals or disconnecting with a good musical show".

It is this realisation that has led the iconic 101-room hotel, built on a spectacular 14th century estate and over 56,000 square metres of gardens, to create a programme of unique summer experiences.

The aim of this initiative, explains the director of Zoëtry Mallorca, "is that residents don't have to wait until autumn, when some hotels create promotions for people from the island, to be able to relax in hotels in Mallorca. That's why Zoëtry Mallorca's 5 experiences programme is already available, and we will keep it going until the end of the summer and part of the autumn".

Eat, Pray, Love' in Zoëtry Mallorca

The title of the film "Eat, Pray, Love" starring actress Julia Roberts evokes the transcendence that many journeys produce in each of us.

A journey between the mundane and the spiritual, which often does not require kilometres to leave a mark on our biography, turning some brief getaways into transcendental moments in our lives. It can be a bucolic walk in nature, an unforgettable yoga session, an absolutely renewing beauty treatment, a gastronomic menu that we are passionate about, a very moving musical performance or a simple bike ride next to a vineyard.

Experiences that make us remember that journey as an unforgettable moment, and to whose memory we always return to recall the true meaning of happiness.

5-star luxury with a Michelin-star flavour

For all those who wish to try the Zoëtry Mallorca experiences, Susanne Turowski gives us the key to the proposals they have created. "Taking into account the recent opening at Zoëtry Mallorca of chef Andreu Genestra's Mediterranean restaurant, which has a Michelin star and a green star, the gastronomic theme is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of our proposal," explains the director of the 5-star hotel.

Thus, the 'Romantic Getaway' experience includes as an added value a dinner at Andreu Genestra's restaurant, or at the Es Mercat restaurant, which is managed directly by the hotel, as well as a wonderful massage for couples, among other details.

Apart from this generic promotion, there are two other proposals dedicated to gastronomy and wellness lovers, respectively. And while the 'Gastronomic Getaway' includes a spectacular dinner at Andreu Genestra's Mediterranean restaurant; the 'Selfcare with Nature Bissé Getaway' offers a yoga session, access to the hotel spa's hydrotherapy circuit and an exclusive Natura Bissé body treatment, which not only revitalises the skin, but also benefits the emotions.


Gastro-romantic getaway: From 305€ per person.
Natura Bissé self-care getaway: From 300€ per person.
Gastronomic getaway. Andreu Genestra: From 255€ per person.

For all those who want to star in unique stories, worthy of the best summer dream, you can call +34 871-963700 or email and book one of the new Zoëtry Mallorca experiences.