Wearing a mask outdoors. | Josep Bagur Gomila


Dear Sir,

I refer to your comment today in the Bulletin and to be honest read this with despair.

The vast majority of people I speak to cannot wait for masks to be ditched completely and their continuing use seems to defy any logic. You say that most restrictions have been lifted and to some extent that is true, but if you believe that walking round shops etc with a mask on is normal and acceptable, then to be quite honest I do not want to live in a Society like that.

You then go on to make the point that it helps to stop "common illnesses like colds and flu." Yes they are common illnesses, it is part of life and to suggest masks should be continued to stop us getting them borders on the ridiculous.

Yours sincerely

S. Howells

Dear Sir,

Mr Carter thinks we should all continue to wear masks to avoid a cold or flu!!

For heavens sake. Please let us just get rid of them all now.

Yours faithfully

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Mrs V. Stratton