I am amazed when people say to me there is nothing to do in Majorca during the winter. If you want a beach holiday then perhaps winter is not the best time to come to the island, although the fantastic weather at the moment  persuaded a large number of people to hit the sands yesterday. But there is plenty more to Majorca than just the sun and the beach. Last weekend I was up in Inca which was holding a major medieval market. There were thousands of people there. It was a great day out  with a good Majorcan lunch at one of Inca´s excellent restaurants. This weekend there is the fair in Pollensa, which is also well worth visiting. Majorca´s towns and village have really got their acts together and most weekends there is some sort of fair taking place. They have been so successful that Palma on a Sunday has become a ghost town, because the majority of  people head inland to the fairs and markets. So tourists could easily do the same. Take Inca, it has a fine public transport network with direct links from Palma. I sometimes feel that it is a great shame that  some tourists do not discover more of our beautiful island. Winter is the perfect time because it is when rural Majorca comes to life and rural Majorca is much cheaper than Palma.  This island has alot more to offer than just its beaches and its weather. Some of our resorts may be closed for the winter but other parts of the island are exceptionally busy and they offer a taste of the island you will not find in the holiday spots.


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