TaPalma 2021 Winners. | Pilar Pellicer


The 17th edition of TaPalma is over for another year and the delicious tapas and cocktails invented by all 34 contestants will be available on the tapas route between Wednesday, November 24-Sunday, November 28.

Chef Tito Verger from Rosa del Mar restaurant scooped the Best Culinary Creation award for his oriental flavoured ‘Buñuelo frito en Corea’.

Matías Provvidenti from Maleva restaurant came second with his Ètnic tapa with history, and third place went to Roberto Serra, from Blat al Sac restaurant for his Indiorquí.

Chef Quique Erazo from Arrocería El Puente restaurant won first place in the Tapa Temática category with his Coca-Nnoli.

Erika Marina Schaefer from Menjaibeu was second with Marimonte and Manuel Ortega from Shaka restaurant was third with his Ebi ‘Quely’ Uramaki.

The Golden Cocktail went to Fernando Calderón from Katagi Blau for his Tanjo El Nacimiento.

José Luis Guerrero from Shaka took silver for his Oaxaca and Julià López, from Emblemàtic took home the bronze for his Figarel·lo.

Two consolation prizes were also awarded; La Trastienda won best tapa paired with Mahou for tapa de Juca with bull's tail stew by Gary Edward López and the prize for best tapa made with Oli de Mallorca went to José lberto Colalongo, from Despensa del Barón restaurant for his Terror mallorquín.

Igor Rodríguez, runner-up in the National Skewers and Tapas Competition Ciudad de Valladolid; Chef at El Bandarra restaurant was President of the TaPalma 2021 jury and other members included, José Cortés, President of the Association of Chefs in the Balearic Islands; Chef Manuel Alonso, who has a Michelin Star and two Repsol Suns; Chef Mitxel Suárez, from Borda Berri and Champion of Euskadi and Navarre Pintxos 2021; Lucas García, Grupo Moga CEO and Ana Mediavilla, Director of Gastronomicom and the National Skewers and Tapas Competition City of Valladolid.

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