Wendy Urquhart
Wendy Urquhart

Wendy is a highly experienced journalist who’s worked for numerous outlets worldwide, including the Majorca Daily Bulletin, Mallorca Sunshine Radio, BBC Television, TV New Zealand, Star TV Hong Kong, ITN, Channel 4 and CNN. She has covered a raft of high profile stories such as the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the Michael Jackson trial, the Arab Spring and Hurricane Katrina. Wendy also lived in Los Angeles for a number of years where she interviewed A-List Actors, Producers and Directors and reported live from the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes and many other Showbiz events.


The Monkees singer/guitarist dies aged 78

"My heart is broken. I lost a dear friend and partner.."

Wendy Urquhart 11/12/2021 10:39

Christmas event

'Jai de Nadal' pastry and craft show now on in Palma

Sisters from a number of convents in Mallorca made a huge variety of scrumptious sweets for the show.

Wendy Urquhart 10/12/2021 12:24


Interior of Formentor Hotel completely gutted!

"What we are seeing is not a reform, it’s the complete demolition of the entire interior.."

Wendy Urquhart 10/12/2021 11:25

Christmas event

Want to learn how to make a Christmas wreath here on Mallorca?

“The students are given a straw base, scissors and wire to hold their design together and told to let their imagination run free..”

Wendy Urquhart 09/12/2021 12:56

Christmas events

Your Guide to Mallorca's Christmas Markets

Mallorca's traditional Christmas markets are always laden with artisanal products, fashion, traditional tasty dishes from the Island and fantastic gift ideas.

Wendy Urquhart 09/12/2021 11:24


How Mallorca has changed from the 19th to the 21st century

“I still do not have any‘ rephotography ’of the Pitiusas, but I am confident that this project will grow and encompass the entire Archipelago,”

Wendy Urquhart 08/12/2021 11:59


Balearic Archaeologists involved in unique find in ancient Egypt

"The most exciting moment was opening a tomb that had been sealed for thousands of years..”

Wendy Urquhart 08/12/2021 10:49


First Chinese person to grow Asian fruit and vegetables in Mallorca

"The watermelon and Chinese melon are very good and actually taste sweeter than they do in China.."

Wendy Urquhart 07/12/2021 09:22


The horror onboard the slave ship 'Amistad'

The ‘Amistad' may not have been the only slave ship with a Balearic skipper.

Wendy Urquhart 06/12/2021 13:59


Meet Mallorca's Brazilian Chef

“The doctors told me not to do anything, but I wanted to do what I love most, cooking.."

Wendy Urquhart 06/12/2021 12:11


Mini-markets springing up all over Palma

"We are open from nine o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock at night all week.."

Wendy Urquhart 06/12/2021 10:17


Gigi Hadid braves the cold to film an advert in Mallorca

Gigi Hadid has made the cover of all the top fashion magazines time and again, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

Wendy Urquhart 03/12/2021 12:42

Coronavirus news

Genius idea for keeping your Covid Passport handy!

"It is doesn’t get discoloured and it doesn’t get destroyed if it gets wet..”

Wendy Urquhart 02/12/2021 11:47


The art of Belly Dancing

"The festival began 8 years ago with the aim of giving students the possibility to train with some of the best dancers in the world.."

Wendy Urquhart 02/12/2021 10:53


New Guardia Civil toy to track migrant boats & drug traffickers

“The Colonel in Chief of the Balearic Command formally requested our presence in the Islands to reinforce security.."

Wendy Urquhart 01/12/2021 11:57

Christmas events

Constitution Day Bank Holiday Entertainment

The nativity scenes at Palma City Council, El Corte Inglés and the Consell de Mallorca are spectacular.

Wendy Urquhart 01/12/2021 11:17

Christmas event

Circo Alegría 'On Ice' in Palma this month

"This is a trip to an incredible frozen circus where figure skating and spectacular tricks are combined with comedy.."

Wendy Urquhart 30/11/2021 11:12


Spanish billionaire's yacht up for sale

'Drizzle' was designed and built in the Netherlands in 2012.

Wendy Urquhart 25/11/2021 10:53


TaPalma 2021 Winners announced

The delicious tapas and cocktails invented by the TaPalma 2021 contestants will be available on the tapas route from Wednesday, November 24-Sunday, November 28.

Wendy Urquhart 24/11/2021 11:25


Palma man takes on the Camino de Santiago

“The journey brings out the best in everyone and there’s a great atmosphere on the route and in the hostels,

Wendy Urquhart 24/11/2021 10:11