You would have thought that you wouldn’t be able to move around Palma on Tuesday with six cruise ships with 17,000 passengers visiting the port. But in fact the centre of the city was relatively fact too quiet for peak season. Now, I have often said in this space that the figures are rather misleading...only about half of all cruise ship passengers actually leave their ship and those that do only venture to the nearest shop and then return. This time last year Palma was so busy it was difficult to move at peak times in city centre streets. But this year is a different story. Palma appears quiet. There are long tailbacks on the road but as one Palma cabbie pointed out the vast majority of vehicles actually belong to people who live on the island. So is summer 2017 such a record season as the official figures forecast at the start of the year? Well, I would say no. In fact, at the moment it appears that it won’t be a record season at all. Now, the airport figures tell a different story with more passengers than ever coming to our shores. So where are all the tourists? Well, some will say that they are staying in resort or even their hotel. It must be remembered that Majoprca has such a fantastic season last year because of the security concerns in North Africa the eastern Mediteranean. Those worries over terrorism have not past. So, it will be interesting to see whether Majorca is the place to be this summer or is it just missing out.