I have nothing but praise for the public transport system in Majorca. It is cheap and very well run. I was pleased to see that the number of passengers being carried by the Palma metro increased in September, a trend I hope will continue. I am always rather amazed that the public transport system on the island is not used by more people. When I was in London last week I used public transport on a daily basis. It is well-run and administered but it is certainly not cheap. London has obviously won the battle to persuade people to use public transport, but in Majorca the local authorities still have a long way to go to persuade people to leave their cars at home and take the bus, train or metro.

This battle comes as island roads are gridlocked. The local authorities will soon come under pressure to build more roads because the present network is close to collapse at peak times. But of course the anti-road lobby is strong and powerful and I sincerely doubt that the local authorities will be able to build more roads without a fight. What the local authorities need to do is underline the merits of public transport. It is cheap, clean and effective. Also, you can reach most points of the island by public transport and the service is fast and effective. The local authorities need to start working on a public transport plan. It is no good investing many millions on a first-rate system which is used by few. With so many cars on the road the answer to the transport is simple - take the bus.