I Applaud the efforts of the Balearic tourism ministry and their safe air corridors between Britain and the Balearics and I wish them luck because it is going to be a hard sell.

Trying to encourage Britons to come here during the winter months has been no easy task...trying to convince them to come here during the winter months in the midst of the coronavirus is going to be ever harder. But I suppose something must be done and a single tourist is better than none at all but I think that even if we do get a safe air corridor with Britain we will be talking a very small number of flights because winter tourism has grown but only slightly over the last few years and the coronavirus has meant that there are only a small number of hotels open, anyhow.

Perhaps, it might be a better idea if the local authorities started talking safe air corridors for next spring when, fingers crossed, the situation will have improved. We all know why tourists do not come to Majorca in strength during the winter months...it is a simple matter of the weather. Also, all the fiestas and other island events which take place during the winter months have been cancelled, so Majorca may be Better in Winter when there are events taking place but this year is a different matter. We all know that the tourist industry is suffering and the Balearic government should be working on a plan for the future of tourism rather than just a short-term fix to grab the headlines during the winter months.