Palma.— One of the most famous touring shows from the Cirque du Soleil, Alegria will open tonight at the Palma Arena.
The show, which has been performed in five continents and more than 200 cities over the last 20 years, usually stays in each location for a single week, although in London the enthusiasm generated around the show stretched it to a second week at the O2 arena and then Wembley stadium. Vanessa Napoli from the organising team said this was not going to happen in Palma but with the show due to finish for good in December after almost two decades on the road, “this wonderful city deserved something special”. “We will stay here until 30 August but we want to end on a high note. We have a lot of fans here and we want to give them something back. It will be a beautiful show combining the beauty of the human body with music and lights. “Many of the artists are sad the show will end, but they are also extremely proud to be part of the team that will perform in these last few shows. “They are 200% motivated to be part of the Cirque du Soleil and a magnificent show,” Vanessa added.
Artists performing in Alegria practice on average over two hours a day sometimes every day dividing their time between perfecting their technique, cardio workouts in the circus's own gym.

Artiste Diogo Faria, impersonator of one of the show's main characters Big Bird, spoke to the Bulletin and said there is a nostalgic feeling amongst the team about these last performances. “This has been an experience of a life time, to share your daily life with so many different people from different countries, from England, Italy, France, China, Russia, Ukraine and many more. “Travelling around can be hard for some, but lots of families travel around the world with their relatives while for others, Skype does the trick.
The company also prides itself on being a big family and for building careers not only contracts. “We offer accommodation to everyone in our entourage, help them with everything we can, visas, schools for kids we cater to all their needs etc. We have physios, chefs and personal trainers travelling with us,” added Vanessa. “We also have what we call a talent bank. Even when we don't have space for an artist immediately, something might come up after a few years and we get in touch. “The more versatile the better. When that is the case, artists can stay with us for years and perform in different shows, which is what will happen to many of these artistes when Alegria finishes in December in Madrid.”


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