Palma.—Police sources said that the tragedy happened yesterday morning as the girl's mother was out for a walk pushing her daughter in a pram close to where the family lived in La Vileta.

Investigators confirmed that there were two cars involved in the accident, one of which ploughed into the pram carrying the child.
The collision happened just before 10am where Calle Ciri crosses Calle Santa Ponsa in La Vileta. A black Seat Ibiza reportedly crashed glancingly against a blue Mini, the driver of which lost control of the vehicle.

The Mini slammed into the curb of the pavement and turned over abruptly on its side where the mother was pushing the toddler in the pram. The three year-old died of severe head injuries.

Emergency Services were alerted but paramedics could do nothing to save the life of the little girl. Her mother, in shock, needed medical and psychological assistance. The accident has shocked the neighbourhood. The driver who was arrested remains in police custody.