With more money in their pockets, tourists are venturing out again. | S.G. CA


The all-inclusive market appears to be taking a hit as a result of the strength of the pound against the euro.

This week, figures have indicated that last month was the best July for the tourist’s industry for the past 20 years and that this year is, yet again, going to be a record one for the tourist sector.

One of the main factors behind this is the strength of the pound. British tourism expenditure accounts for 22 per cent of the market this year, the Germans come in at just 12 per cent and that reflects which markets are currently performing the strongest.

According to NT incoming, one of Spain’s largest destination management companies which works with most of Europe’s leading tour operators, the two main markets this year have been the British and the domestic. The Russian market has crashed and the German market has been flat.

But what is key, and also very interesting, is that not only is the strong pound fuelling the growth in Eurozone holidays, in particular to Spain and the Balearics, it is also changing people’s holiday habits in the UK.