Demons' fire-run - the correfoc. | Nuria Rincón

Saturday, 16 January
Sant Antoni Eve Fiestas

Alaro. 5.45pm: Procession. Young demons, the Alaro donkey. Plaça Vila. 6.15pm: Lighting of bonfires. 9.30pm: Glosada verse. Plaça Vila. 10.30pm: Correfoc fire-run. Avda. Constitució to Plaça Vila.

Alcudia. 4.30pm: Departure of Sant Antoni and the demons from the town hall, accompanied by pipers. Procession through the streets. 8pm: Night of bonfires. Plaça de la Constitució (and bonfires elsewhere). Botifarró and llonganissa sausage with bread. In Plaça Carles V, folk dance with the group Tacàritx plus glosadors, pipers and ximbombas, and barbecue. 11pm: Correfoc fire-run. Dimonis de sa Cova des Fossar (from Sineu). Plaça Carles V.

Algaida (Pina). 8pm: Lighting of bonfires and procession by the pipers. Plaça Pina. 8.30pm: Barbecue and wine plus ximbombas, pipers and glosadors. C. Major. 10pm: Folk dance. Plaça Pina.

Andratx. 6pm: Lighting of the bonfire by the Dragomonis demons. Plaça Espanya. 8pm: Folk dance with Aires Mallorquins. 10pm: Dragomonis correfoc fire-run, followed by concert by The Islanders. Plaça Espanya.

Arenal. 8pm: Demons' procession with the pipers to different bonfires.

Arta. 9am: Departure from the town hall to collect wood for the bonfires. Demon and band of music accompaniment. 7pm: Completes (Compline) service. 7.30pm: Lighting of bonfires.

Binissalem. 8pm: Lighting of bonfires and correfoc fire-run through the streets by Dimonis Fil-loxera de l'Infern.

Cala d'Or. 8pm: Bonfire and barbecue. Avda. Calonge. (Tickets for the BBQ, two euros, available in local outlets.)

Calonge. 8pm: Bonfire, with wine from Santanyi town hall. Plaça Calonge. 8.30pm: Correfoc fire-run with the Espiadimonis of Felanitx.

Calvia (village). 7pm: Folk dance. 8pm: Grand barbecue and bonfire. 9.30pm: Music with DJ Toni Perea. Plaça Església.

Capdepera. 3pm: Demons' parade from Ca Na Vergera to the church with the band of music. 7pm: Lighting of bonfires, with visits by the demons and band of music.

Consell. 5pm: Parade of floats with Sant Antoni, the demon, batucada and pipers.

Deya. 7pm: Fire of Sant Antoni. Can Roig car park.

Esporles. 8.30pm: Bonfire plus demons and municipal school of dance and music. Vilanova car park.

Inca. 8pm: Bonfire, barbecue and wine, plus folk dance with Revetlers del Puig d'Inca.

Lloret de Vistalegre. 8.30pm: Bonfire and barbecue. Plaça Jaume I. 9pm: Correfoc fire-run, Deïnats de l'Infern plus batucada.

Llubi. 4pm: Blessings. Plaça Església.

Llucmajor. 6pm: Departure of the demons from the town hall to Plaça Espanya and dance of Sant Antoni and the demon. 9pm: Folk dance with Terra Roja and the Calabruix school of ball de bot. Placeta Arraval. 11.30pm: Batucada, artistic bonfire, glosadors and ximbombas.

Manacor. 7pm: Parade from the town hall - dignitaries plus demons and the band of music. 7.30pm: Completes (Compline) and joys of Sant Antoni. Mare de Déu dels Dolors Church. 8pm: Lighting of the first bonfire in front of the rectory, Plaça Rector Rubí. 10.30pm: Ball de bot folk dance with Galivança and the school of music and dance from Sant Lluís, Minorca. Plaça Ramon Llull.

Mancor de la Vall. 6.30pm: Firing of rockets and bonfire in Plaça d'Alt. 8pm: Departure of the demons from the town hall. 9pm: Barbecue, glosadors, ximbombas. Plaça d'Alt.

Muro. 8.15pm: Dance of the demons and Sant Antoni. Plaça Comte d'Empúries. 8.30pm: Lighting of the bonfires and Dimonis de sa Pedrera plus seven other demons' gangs. Correfoc fire-run and spectacular. Plaça Comte d'Empúries. 11pm: Traditional music - Revetla d'Algebelí and Germans Martorell. Plaça Comte d'Empúries. 12.15am: Concerts - Ses Bubotes, Societat Anònima, DJ Serrano. Plaça Sant Martí.

Pollensa. 6pm: Bonfires' contest. Visits by the judges with the pipers Xeremiers Orats. 9pm: Lighting of bonfires plus Ca de Bou demons.

Porreres. 7pm: Lighting of bonfires.

Porto Cristo. 2pm: First dance by the demons by the municipal offices. 7.30pm: Mass and song of joys for Sant Antoni. 8.15pm: Lighting of the bonfires.

Puerto Pollensa. 7pm: Bonfires' contest. 9pm: Lighting of the bonfires.

Sa Coma. 12 midday: Demons on the streets. 7.15pm: First dance of the demons. 8pm: Lighting of bonfires and visits by demons along with the pipers.

Sa Pobla. 2.30pm: Departure of the demons and Sant Antoni and procession through the streets and squares of the town. 6.45pm: Ceremony of the historical sanctioning for the start of Sant Antoni Eve. In front of the town hall. 7.45pm: Departure of the paralympic demons of Grif, the demons d'Albopàs, the demons of the Obreria (Sant Antoni) and of the town hall, plus giants, bigheads, junior bigheads and the Sa Pobla band of music. From the town hall to the church. 8pm: The Completes (Compline) solemn service. 9.15pm: Dance of the demons de l'Obreria and of the gangs of bigheads and junior bigheads, accompanied by the Sa Pobla band of music. 9.30pm: Pyromusical spectacular. Plaça Major. 10.15pm: Gathering of singers and ximbomba players. Plaça Major. 12.30am: Grand ximbombada and glosada - ximbomba playing and reciting of folk/satirical tales, verses and poems. Plaça Major.

S'Alqueria Blanca. 8pm: Bonfire and barbecue (tickets five euros in advance from local outlets). Plaça Cup. 9.30pm: Es Revetlers - traditional music. Plaça Sant Josep. 11pm: Now Fast 2. Plaça Sant Josep.

Sant Llorenç. 10.30am: First dance of the demons. In front of the rectory. 5pm: Demons prowl around the town centre. 7.30pm: Song of the joys, lighting of bonfires, demons' dance and the band of music.

Santa Maria del Cami. 7pm: Gathering of all the demons. Avda. Jaume III. 7.15pm: Procession of the demons and Batukaos batucada drummers to Plaça Vila. 7.45pm: Correfoc fire-run by the Dimonis Petits. 8pm: Dimonis de Factoria de So plus Diables de cua de Cornellà (Barcelona), Fieres de Foc d'Inca and Endimoniats of Palma. Correfoc fire-run.

Santanyi. 8pm: Lighting of bonfires. Barbecue, wine, folk dance. Plaça Major.

Selva. 6pm: Lighting of bonfire. Plaça Major.

Soller. 7pm: Lighting of bonfires. Plaça Constitució.

Son Caliu. 7pm: Lighting of bonfires, then music, folk dance, demons, barbecue and DJ. Plaça Nova.

Son Carrió. 4pm: Demons leave from Ca n'Apollonia, accompanied by pipers. 8pm: Dance of the grand demon at Ca n'Apollonia and then at bonfires. Lighting of the bonfire and barbecue in Plaça Església.

Son Servera. 7.30pm: Completes (Compline) service for Sant Antoni. 8pm: Lighting of bonfires. Plaça Sant Joan.

Vilafranca. 7.30pm: Lighting of bonfire and barbecue. Plaça Major.