Monti-sion is right by the town hall in Pollensa. | Elena Ballestero


The rector of Monti-sion church in Pollensa has been negotiating with the town hall to have the building registered in the name of the parish and town hall.

Xisco Vicens Gomila discovered that Monti-sion is town hall property, and while he is in discussion with the town hall, he has advised the bishopric that it rectifies its having registered the church as its property "by error". The rector says that this was done from Palma without appreciating the particular circumstances. These also apply to the Sant Jordi church in the town. It is in fact shared by the town hall and the parish, but the bishopric has also registered it as its own.

Vicens says that this all dates back to the mid-eighteenth century suppression of the Jesuits by Carlos III. Monti-sion was handed over to the town hall. The intention had been to convert it into a hospital, but this was never followed through. Meanwhile its effects were transferred to the parish church, Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, and Monti-sion fell into decline.

The poet Miquel Costa i Llobera was one of those who helped with its restoration in the late nineteenth century. The town hall then allowed it to be used for worship once more, but it held on to it as its property.

The rector is being praised in certain quarters for his common sense and integrity, which are being contrasted with the bishopric's apparent avarice in seeking to establish ownership.