Calvia police are to keep closer control of electric scooters. | Michel's


Calvia police are to increase the monitoring of electric scooters being hired out in Magalluf and Palmanova. This is in response to complaints from residents about the number of scooters and the risks they pose to pedestrians.

The scooters are said to go at great speed, and there are groups of "several dozen people". In addition to the risks, residents complain that users give the finger to anyone who complains.

One resident, Paquita, says that she was knocked down by an electric three-wheel scooter. This was a month ago, and she has still not fully recovered from injuries to her knees. The scooters are used in pedestrian areas by people who have a "lack of education" in how to use them. On various occasions she has seen groups riding at full pelt when there is a police car parked nearby. The police, she adds, don't do anything.

Now, it would seem, the police will be doing something. They will be advising businesses that hire out the scooters that they cannot be ridden faster than walking speed, that they have to be numbered, and that there has to be liability insurance. Conditions of use will have to be explained to users.

The town hall says that there is to be a bylaw amendment which will make control of scooters more effective and more restrictive.