The Guardia Civil organised yesterday's reconstruction in Porreres.

23-03-2018 Alejandro Sepúlveda

The victim of a botched robbery in Porreres, Pau Rigo, and the brother of one of the assailants who died after being shot by Rigo yesterday returned to the scene of the crime, or crimes, to help investigators reconstruct what happened on the day of 24 February.

Rigo, 77, who is still suffering from injuries sustained when he and his wife were attacked, was very emotional on his return, but the victim’s brother, Freddy Escobar, was sticking to his account of what happened. Rigo maintains that he fired in self-defence. Freddy has told police that Rigo shot his brother as they tried to run away and stands accused of killing the robber.

The Guardia Civil, who are leading the investigation, were on the scene in force and filmed the reconstruction, despite the fact that the two key individuals were unable to agree on exactly what happened.

Rigo is adamant that he shot Mauricio Escobar at close range because he was about to be hit again. Both men conducted their versions of the incident separately. Rigo told the Guardia Civil he was unable to see Freddy because he is still psychologically affected by what he and his brother did to him and his wife at their home.

Freddy repeated his claim that Rigo shot his twin brother as they fled with 12,000 euros of stolen cash. Two other people were involved in the robbery but they did not enter the property.


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George / Hace over 3 years

What have we become in society. The villain is the one today that is protected. In the UK it is the same.

This poor couple will tragically never get over this. Every noise will make them jump and they will not be able to sleep well forever in their own home.

They will have a life sentence of mental torture.


Vive España / Hace over 3 years

It is amazing that rappers such as Valtonyc get support for spewing hatred and glorifying terrorism and yet a 77 year old man who killed somebody who had beaten and robbed him is grilled over what really happened. Why do we always make the perpetrators of crimes the good guys and the victims the villains. This crime was carefully planned, it was not just random. What they didn't expect was that one of them would die. One less delinquent to worry about....


TC / Hace over 3 years

Incredible, you couldn't make this up! If a robber is caught in the act, they deserve all they get, why bother with a reconstruction when they had 12000€ in their possession and gave the victims a beating. If you can't accept the consequences of getting caught, don't do the crime!