Playa de Palma. | Jose Barcelo

Palma town hall will present five projects for funding from 2019 tourist tax revenue. Various councillors explained these projects yesterday, chief among them being a green way to unite Playa de Palma with Ses Cadenes, Es Pil·larí, S'Aranjassa and Sant Jordi.

The councillor for sport, Francisco Ducrós, said that this will be predominantly for pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic will be limited to authorised local vehicles, with the whole way to be lined by trees every ten metres and to include benches and information signs. The cost will be 1.5 million euros.

Also in Playa de Palma, the town hall wants to develop the existing sports centre and make it multifunctional.

Another project relates to the urban forest in the city and work to the old velodrome and dogs track. It is envisaged that the latter will be connected by walkways to the Sa Riera Park. Two million euros are being sought for this.

Former mayor Antoni Noguera, who promoted the concept of the urban forest and is now councillor for culture and social welfare, also referred to a restoration project at Ses Voltes. This will be to increase shade for the stage and benches and to improve the acoustics. Ses Voltes is often used for concerts.

The fifth project is for the market in Camp Redó. In all, the town hall will be seeking 7.2 million euros of tourist tax funding.