Mercedes Argüello, next to one of the containers adapted for cat housing. | M. À. Cañellas


A member of the Association in Defense of the residents of Cala Major-San Agustín, José Ángel Berrio, has filed a complaint against Moixos de Canamunt, a cat welfare charity in Palma.

Berrio says a grant of 4,000 euros was given to Moixos de Canamunt last year to pay for the installation and conditioning of containers for cats in the main squares in the area, but questions the reasoning behind the grant.

“The project was originally designed and put into operation by the City Councillor of Model de Ciutat del Consistorio, Neus Truyol, who was responsible for the Ecology, Agriculture and Animal Benestar. Mercedes Argüello is the Director of Moixos de Canamunt and in the Palma City Council municipal elections she was a candidate for Més, the same party that Neus Truyol belongs to,” said José Ángel Berrio.

The director of the Anti-Corruption Office, Jaime Far, has confirmed that a complaint has been received but says analysis have not yet been carried out and once they are completed "the complainant will be notified if the investigation is filed or initiated."

The President of the Neighbourhood Association, Toni Marí, said "we will ask Neus Truyol for an explanation in the next plenary session".