Nursing Home Healthcare Workers being immunised. | Quique Garcia

No vaccines were administered in Mallorca or Ibiza on Sunday and the Health Minister Patricia Gómez says it’s unlikely that any were carried out at a residence in Minorca either.

She stopped short of saying that the pace of vaccination is slow, saying she was confident that the immunisation program will speed up this week because the Moderna vaccine will arrive in Mallorca.

Minister Gómez stressed that 6,420 Nursing Home residents and Healthcare Workers have been vaccinated since December 27.

The Government is aiming to immunise 70 percent of the population by June, as 58,000 people have been vaccinated to date and Minister Gómez says that timetable is likely to be adjusted as new vaccines arrive. She also said that the logistical problems of booking a second dose of the vaccine will be resolved this week.


Minister Gómez stated that there’s no need to draft in the Army to help with vaccinations at the moment, but confirmed that the UME would be deployed later if necessary.

The Nursing Home vaccination program will end this week and medical teams will start immunising dependents and Healthcare Personnel. According to Minister Gomez more than 36,000 citizens in the highest risk group will be vaccinated by the end of March.

She also stressed that there is no immunity until seven days after the second dose of the vaccine and urged people to continue to be extremely cautious and responsible and comply with the current coronavirus restrictions.


The Ministry of Health confirmed 511 more Covid-19 cases in the Balearic Islands on Sunday, with 109 patients in the ICU and 349 on the ward. 489 patients have died and 40,825 people have contracted the disease since the pandemic began.