Medical Staff in the ICU. | Teresa Ayuga

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that this was the worst week of the pandemic in the Balearic Islands with 4,348 confirmed cases, taking the total number of people with coronavirus to 10,362.

The positivity rate was 12.89% on Friday up from 14.99% on Monday, with 19 fatalities between Monday and Friday.

Since the pandemic began 866,616 Covid tests have been carried out in the Islands, 508 coronavirus patients have died and 43,967 people have contracted the virus.

The pressure on Hospitals and particularly Intensive Care Units is now extremely high, with a record of 120 Covid patients being cared for.

In Mallorca, there are 303 patients on the Covid ward and 104 in the ICU.

In Ibiza, there are 55 patients on the Covid ward and 11 in the ICU.

In Menorca there are 10 patients on the Covid ward and 5 in the ICU.

In the last 24 hours, 38 patients have been discharged and 418 who were receiving Primary Care at home have completely recovered from the disease.

109 residents at Nursing Homes are infected with Covid-19 and 94 of them have been hospitalised. One more fatality was confirmed on Thursday, making 229 deaths at Nursing Homes since the pandemic began. 96 Healthcare Professionals at Nursing Homes have also contracted the virus.

255 other Healthcare Professionals are coronavirus positive, 510 are under surveillance and two have died.

According to the latest Balearic Epidemiology Service report most of the Covid-positive patients in the Balearic Islands are aged 40-49 and around half of the cases detected in December and January are aged 29-49. Those over the age 70 years are the least infected. Since March, 50 men and 37 women have died for every 100,000 inhabitants.


Up to 587 outbreaks have been detected in the Balearic Islands since the pandemic began and 239 of them still being investigated.

4,813 associated positive cases were diagnosed which is approximately 11% of the total.

34% of the outbreaks (202) were mixed, 27% (157) were family related, and 15% (90) were caused by social gatherings.

On average, 8 cases were detected per outbreak with a minimum of 3 associated cases and a maximum of 94.


The latest epidemiological report shows that infections have stabilised a little in Mallorca, but there's been a big increase in Ibiza.

In Mallorca, the Municipality of Montuïri has the highest incidence rate with 618.1.

The number of infections in Palma is down from 1500 to 1464, but cases are multiplying in Coll d'en Rabassa and the Llevant estate.