The vaccination programme in the Balearics remains slower than most of the country. | Gemma Andreu


By Wednesday this week, 67.2% of Spain's over-80s population had been immunised, having received two doses of vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna). The percentage was projected to rise to 70% on Thursday, meaning an increase of almost 18% over the past week.

Nearly all the over-80s have been vaccinated at least once - 99.2%, according to the national ministry of health. At a regional level, Andalusia has been doing best in immunising the over-80s: 352,659 out of a total of 413,516 people (85%). Then comes Extremadura with 79% - 60,053 out of a total of 76,005. Catalonia has been doing the least well. Of an over-80s population of 447,196 people, 228,103 have been immunised (51%). The Balearics is towards the lower end, with some 60% having been immunised (97% one dose).

In general terms, the ministry reports that 3,611,606 people had been immunised by Wednesday - 7.6% of the population; 9,886,203 people had been vaccinated at least once, 20.8%. Taking the vaccination "census" into account, the national average for vaccination is 24%. Asturias, with 29.4%, has the highest percentage in the country. In the Balearics this is 20.2%.