Margalida Servera, Deputy Director of Primary Care & Outpatient Emergency Care. | Ultima Hora

Health centre employees in the Balearics say they don't want to revert to telephone consultations, despite the fact that coronavirus infections are rising.

"Each management has a different situation but Healthcare Professionals do not want to return to telephone consultations. It was very hard for staff and patients,” said Margalida Servera, Deputy Director of Primary Care & Outpatient Emergency Care.

"70% of consultations are now face-to-face, but 30% of the population still opt for an appointment by phone," adds Servera. "We are happy with that because it is a modality that can benefit working people, who have very little time."

Health centre staff have their hands full dealing with every day activity, Covid-19 diagnosis, PCR tests, vaccinations and Emergencies.

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845 people were diagnosed with Covid-19 on Thursday and Servera says it's important to remind people that if they have symptoms they should call their local Health Centre, not go there in person.

Hospitals are filling up again and another 345 people were admitted on Thursday, 57 of them are in the ICU and 20% of the beds reserved for critical patients are already occupied. More than 12,300 coronavirus positive patients are also receiving Primary Care at home.

For the last two days the so-called R number, which determines the rate of Covid infection has been in the 0.9 range in the Balearic Islands. When it's above 1, infections are increasing and when it’s below one they are declining.

Meanwhile the vaccination programme is continuing in the Balearic Islands; 51.5% of the under 40's have had their first vaccine and nearly 30% have had both jabs.