Son Dureta vaccinations.

Son Dureta vaccinations.


Hundreds of people queued up in Palma, Inca and Manacor on Wednesday to get their first Covid vaccinations, after the Ministry of Health waved the need for an appointment.

A number of tourists who turned up at the vaccination centres were turned away and told that they must register with the Health Department to qualify for vaccination in Mallorca.

1,062 people including 12 pregnant women were immunised on Wednesday and 417 of them got their jabs at Son Dureta in Palma.

Vaccinations without an appointment are available again today at all authorised locations in the Balearic Islands.


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Mr David Adamson / Hace 5 months

Hi, My son has lived in Palma for nearly 3 years and is currently in the process of registering for residency. He would like to get vaccinated is there a list of places anywhere he can go for a drop in vaccination? Thanks


Juan love / Hace 5 months

Nigel- If you went to your have your vaccine in your local centre and had to wait even longer due to an unknown number of tourists being vaccinated first, don't you de why this would be a problem?

(Not forgetting the fact that all tourists should be vaccinated before travelling in the first place).


nigel / Hace 5 months

Why was anyone turned away, tourist or not, the idea is to immunise the population, they are having enough trouble getting people to be vaccinated. No vaccination is wasted, whether it be tourist, immigrant or resident. It all helps to reduce filling hospital beds or the morgue, and they have admitted via MDB there are sufficient supplies. Are they waiting for better times and saving the doses for emergency? It is easy for me, I don't have to worry as I have had mine, and shortly probably receiving the 3rd booster.