Pepe the rescued cat. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Guardia Civil's Nature Protection Service (Seprona) is investigating a man accused of putting a cat into a rubbish bag with water on the roof of a house in es Coll d'en Rabassa.

The events occurred between 20:00 and 22:00 hours on the 3rd of March. The owner of the animal, a 10-month-old cat named 'Pepe', was on the phone with a neighbour and friend who told him that he was hearing a cat meowing in pain.

The two detected that it was coming from the roof of the adjoining building, so they decided to investigate.

The man discovered that it was his cat, so, worried about what might be happening to it, he decided to ring the doorbell of the house in question, where a couple live.

Pepe's owner and his friend insisted on ringing the doorbell, but as nobody opened the door, they decided to call the daughter of the residents, whom they both knew.

The man now under investigation went up to the roof, according to police sources, while the owner and his friend watched him from their home.

The man apparently took out a box from behind a cupboard and took a dark-coloured rubbish bag.

The cat's owner and his friend noticed that when the bag was opened, a considerable amount of water fell out and 'Pepe' quickly ran out of the bag.

The owner of the animal suspected that his neighbour had intended to drown him.

The man, who was able to retrieve his cat, saw that it was completely wet and its face was swollen. It could barely open its eyes.

The owner then alerted the Palma Local Police and a team went to the scene and made a report. The cat 'Pepe' was taken to a veterinary clinic where he was treated for his injuries.