Illegal overtaking was one of the offences. | Guardia Civil


The driver charged with an offence against road safety by the Guardia Civil has explained on a WhatsApp group that, when notices first appeared regarding his reckless driving, he "voluntarily presented" himself at Tráfico's headquarters.

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He adds that he has not been arrested, that his car has not been taken away and that his licence hasn't been withdrawn. "Quite possibly the licence will be withdrawn, but I accept that." He says that a viral video was not uploaded by him but by a motorcyclist and goes on: "I do not want to comment on the people out there wishing me death."

"I apologise. What I did was unforgivable. There are no excuses, but I have had a very bad depressive streak for more than eight months. But I repeat - that is not an excuse at all. There are times when the mind betrays you and you don't think about the consequences."