A BMW that was being driven recklessly.


In the Tramuntana Mountains, there have been illegal motorbike races for years. The MA-10 main road has been and is used for reckless motorbike riding that causes a great deal of noise and is a risk to road safety.

The MA-10 has now also become a road for the reckless driving of cars. A recent video showed a BMW overtaking on bends as well as on straight sections. There is a continuous white line to indicate no overtaking. The driver was speeding and performing skidding manoeuvres (drifting). Other drivers were forced to slam on the brakes or get out of the way.

Residents in the Tramuntana, sick of the illegal motorbike races, are now having to put up with the reckless car driving, which they say is even happening in urban areas. There are companies offering the possibility of driving high-end cars in "all driving styles". They refer to sports driving and to sections of roads with bends where there is little traffic; these are roads in the Tramuntana, and not just the MA-10.

Several hundred euros can be charged for this. Rates vary depending on the model of the car. And this all-style driving isn't just in the daytime. Residents say that they can hear very fast cars during the night as well.