Permission for the flag but only on Spain's match days. | Archive

La Salle College in Palma is to carry out an internal investigation into events which led to students being sent home after the Catalan teacher walked out because the Spanish flag was being displayed.

On Monday an inspector from the education ministry will go the school to take statements from students, teachers, management and parents. The ministry will then decide whether or not to open disciplinary proceedings.

The school has described the episode as "unfortunate". It has been clarified that it occurred Friday and not on Wednesday, which was when Spain were playing. The teacher told the class that the flag had to be taken down as the school's "protocol" only allowed the flag to be displayed on match days. The students maintained that they had permission for the flag to remain in the classroom.

Following publicity given to the case, threats have been made against the teacher on social media. A photograph of her and of her family has been posted.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for Podemos in Palma and the regional secretary for democratic memory, Jesús Jurado, has expressed his "solidarity" with the teacher and the school's management. "It's not about flags. It is about impeding our harmony and our democracy."

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