Spain's opening match was against Costa Rica. | Efe


A class of thirty students at a Palma school was sent home for displaying the Spanish flag, which had been put up as a show of support for the national team at the World Cup.

It has been clarified that this happened on Friday and not on the Wednesday, the day when Spain were playing their opening match against Costa Rica. Permission was given to display the flag but only on days when Spain were playing.

Even so, Sergio Campoy, the father of one of the students at La Salle College, has said on social media that various teachers were "bothered by political connotations". "Who are the adults? When will this senseless indoctrination end?"

The students, in their first year of the baccalaureate, had asked their head of studies for permission to display the flag and this was given. However, a "situation of confrontation" arose on Friday with the Catalan teacher. This reached a point where the teacher decided to leave the classroom. Classes were then suspended and the students were sent home.

Parents are critical of the school for having sent their children home without informing them - a breach of protocol. They have placed the matter in the hands of the education ministry's inspectors. There has so far been no comment from the ministry or from the school.