Ibiza can no longer cope with the amount of traffic during the summer. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Council of Ibiza today agreed to ask the Balearic government to study and approve a bill to regulate vehicle access to the island during the summer.

The proposal will now be sent to the Balearic government to push for its approval, the island institution said in a statement.

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The first vice-president and councillor for Territorial Management, Mariano Juan, explained that the proposed regulation calls for the Ibiza Council to be empowered to decide “how many vehicles can circulate” on the island and, if necessary, to establish a maximum ceiling or specific types of vehicles allowed.

Mariano Juan pointed out that last summer 45,000 vehicles entered the island, which has led to “exponential growth” in recent years, which is not sustainable.

He also indicated that procedures have begun for the Port Authority to enable the Council to install cameras with number plate readers in the port of Ibiza to identify the number and type of vehicles arriving on the island. Similar moves are being taken in Minorca and Mallorca.