The heavy rain has damaged some apricot crops.


The Porreres Apricot Fair will be held on Saturday (June 10) and against the background of the heavy rain that has affected a crop closely associated with the municipality.

Porreres is one of Mallorca's municipalities to have been hit hardest by the unusually heavy rain for early June. Up to 80 litres per square metre fell on Sunday. There have been other days with downpours. Meanwhile, the apricot season has started and the cereal season is about to start.

Esperança Mora, manager of the Porreres Agricultural Cooperative, says that apricots in flooded areas have not been picked since the rains began. They will be lost and so mean a reduction in overall production. Fortunately, she adds, "there are some unaffected areas that will allow us to save the season".

As to cereal, Mora explains that "we would be about to start harvesting it now, but with the land full of water there will be a delay". Farmers are worried about fungi because of a combination of the dampness and the heat. Flooding means that "tractors can't enter the land in order to control this mould".

A significant reduction in cereal production is therefore being forecast. This would normally be between 80 and 100 tonnes.