The prestigious international school RWIS, of Swedish origin, opens its doors next academic year 2024-2025 in Palma with the aim of providing the island's students with an international education with a widely recognised curriculum in a multicultural environment.

With almost 20 years of experience in the world of education, this prestigious Swedish-born educational institution bases its methodology on Cambridge Assessment International Education, the internationally recognised syllabus that trains students academically and personally to succeed in an increasingly globalised and demanding society.

At the end of their time at the school, students obtain a qualification that is recognised and valued by the most prestigious universities in the world, in addition to the qualification corresponding to the territory where they have studied.

RWIS will open its doors during the 2024/25 academic year, welcoming students from Year 1 to Year 7, spanning ages 5 to 13, born between 2012 and 2019. The main aim is to create a community in which everyone can grow together. Subsequently, the school will expand its educational offer to cover the rest of pre-university studies.

Cambridge Curriculum

Thanks to the implementation of the Cambridge Curriculum, RWIS offers bilingual teaching (in English and Spanish with a third complementary language) and has a methodology that combines the local curriculum with the content provided by the Cambridge syllabus.

One of the main characteristics of this syllabus is its adaptability, as it evolves in the same way as the students do, adapting the teaching methodology to the students' ages.

Thus, in the pupils' first years (lower primary), learning is based on play, evolving towards reading, writing and arithmetic. Subsequently, the focus is on the acquisition of basic skills in the main subjects (upper primary) and then moves on to a deeper understanding and development of critical thinking (secondary).

In upper secondary school, students continue their education in English, mathematics, science, Spanish and a second language, plus a choice of three or four additional subjects, leading to a higher level of specialisation during the baccalaureate.

On completion of their studies, students will be awarded IGCSE (Secondary) and A Level (Baccalaureate) qualifications, which are recognised and valued by the most prestigious universities in the world.

Education professionals

One of the fundamental pillars of RWIS is its human factor, a team of education and pedagogy professionals committed to their work, highly qualified and experienced in international education, who provide students with personalised training adapted to their characteristics. In this way, students receive a complete training that helps them to grow and develop as people.

In addition, the centre is committed to small groups, with classrooms of up to 16 students, so that students receive personalised attention that goes beyond academic training and promotes the integral growth of the individual. In other words, each student receives the individualised support and guidance necessary to achieve their goals, regardless of their origin or nationality.

This format allows students to learn values such as equality, integration, tolerance and respect for other cultures, which will enable them to successfully face the challenges of developing in a multicultural environment. In addition, children build strong relationships with their peers, which in the long term can be very beneficial for their future.

Extracurricular activities

RWIS has extracurricular activities that complement the education of its students with other subjects such as sports, music or arts, completing the education of students and favouring their integral growth as individuals.

An example of this type of activity is food education, where students are taught the importance of good nutrition. In this sense, the school prepares nutritionally balanced menus that are shared by teachers and students and has its own organic garden, which encourages the consumption of local, organic and sustainable products.

To carry out its educational work, RWIS has state-of-the-art facilities in a historic property located in the La Vileta neighbourhood of Palma.