News of the day 24 September 2015
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Spectacular growth in Balearic property sales

The sale of homes in the Balearics during the second quarter rose by a whopping 30.1% compared with sales from April to June 2014.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Balearic government claims 240 million euros of unpaid road-building investment

Montoro acknowledged that the Balearics have suffered from an underfunding that the system of regional financing has failed to correct.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Fray Junipero: the new Majorcan saint

He defended their dignity, “protecting them from many who had abused them,” the Pope said of the new saint.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Catalonia: Stick with Spain, says minister, as does Julio Iglesias

Pro-independence politicians, the singer said, should "understand a little more that they can reach a much better agreement with the national government".

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Yes Minister

“The minister of tourism will mount a major defence of the tourist tax...”

Jason Moore

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